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I’m quite a bit different to most men who are members of MyLadyboyCupid and are looking to date a Ladyboy they meet on the site.

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For one, I am quite a lot younger than most members of the site. For two, I have been living amongst and dating Ladyboys for almost as long as I have been dating!

Sounds intriguing? Well, let me explain.

I’ve been waiting to date Ladyboys for some time

I actually spent six years growing up in Thailand as my father was working for the UK Government. Our family was posted to Bangkok, proverbial home of the Ladyboys as it is said, when I was about 12 or 13. Of course, I knew little about dating Ladyboys at that time, partly due to my age and my relative naivety about such things. But, also partly due to the fact that we had been living in Africa for four years before that where both gay people and Ladyboys are frowned upon. Sexual and gender minorities do exist in Africa, don’t get me wrong, but anyone who is not hetero or clearly male or female has to stay well hidden.

So, Bangkok was quite an eye-opener for a young man like me. Ladyboys and pretty girls on every corner, or so it seemed. All looking to date a foreigner… again, so it seemed!

I went to a famous International school which had a myriad of nationalities, although predominantly, as time went by, the ratio of Thai students kept increasing and increasing. It didn’t take me long to learn about Ladyboys. At first it was simply curiosity, as I’d never previously heard about the third gender or katoeys as they are also called in Thailand. But, as for dating a Ladyboys, it was possibly one of the furthest things from my mind.

Many of my classmates were obsessed about dating the very lovely Thai girls from school. Yet some of them who were, or at least looked, older, even went to one of the famous bar areas such as Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy to enjoy “playing” with the girls who worked there. These older boys came back with “war stories”, including how they’d met and talked with Ladyboys. There was even a story, unconfirmed, that one boy going to, or was already, dating a Ladyboy, but this may have just been a rumor.

At this time, I was just that bit too young to be hanging around bars, plus I had to be wary owing to my father’s senior position in government.

Ladyboys were everywhere in Bangkok

Yet, something quite unexpected happened. I’d made some 5 or 6 very good friends among Thai boys of my age, most of whom already spoke great English. Most were aiming to get to a UK University to pursue the sciences or technology related degrees. From somewhere came a rumor that Ton, one of my closest friends, was a Thai Ladyboy and that he was simply biding his time before he started living full time as a female. I didn’t know him well enough to ask such personal questions but one weekend he asked me to go over to his house as we were working on a science project together. On the Friday night before I went, he swore me to absolute secrecy and explained that he did, in fact, present and live as female at weekends. “I trust you not to tell anyone,” he said.

You can imagine my complete shock when this stunning Ladyboy greeted me the next day at Ton’s house. In fact, stunning is an understatement and Ton was the epitome of femininity. His (as he was still not a she at the time, although I hear she is now) presentation and demeanour was so natural. He looked so content and confident as female compared to the nerdy type person he was at school.

Looking back, this was probably the catalyst for my ongoing interest in Ladyboys. Although Ton and I never dated, because I had kept his secret, he did introduce me over time to several other of his Ladyboy friends. I had dinner and drinks with a couple of them but it was too close to home in a sense to be dating seriously. And heaven knows what my family wold have thought!

Interesting Ladyboy liaisons

I must admit, though, that I had quite a few covert, very interesting liaisons with Ladyboys I’d met in clubs and bars when I was almost 18 and in my last year of school. But I knew these were not going to be long-term relationships, especially as I was heading back to UK for University too.

I’ve been back in UK now for just over six months. Fortunately living in London allows me to resurrect my interest in dating Ladyboys, but with the anonymity of huge city. No one to watch over my shoulder now! I joined MyLadyboyCupid as I knew it has a large number of Thai Ladyboys and Trans-pinay as members, with many living in London or the surrounds. It’s by far the best way to date Ladyboys for someone like me who wants to know as much about the lady in question before we actually meet.

Wish me luck!

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