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Ladyboy Dating And Long Distance Relationship

Just like many other men, you got online and met some very beautiful Ladyboy lady and started dreaming about a long-term relationship with one of these Transgender Women.

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Unfortunately, there are many circumstances that will not make it possible.Not everyone can just pack up and move to an Asian country and it can be difficult to move your ladyboy to your country.This article will address dating ladyboys online and the prospects of long distance relations eve though there are exceptions to the rules. Let's look at the reasons why people are dating ladyboys online.

Reasons For Having An Online Ladyboy Girlfriend:

First Reason:

You were on vacation in an Asian country and met a wonderful ladyboy.You both started visiting many tourist spots and beaches in Thailand but barely got any contact information.

Second Reason:

You were online and met her through a dating site like or maybe while on Facebook or another social network site.

Third Reason:

You will be living in Asia for a good length of time, possibly due to your job.You are able to visit an Asian country quite often and want to stay there for a good amount of time or you are retired and like to travel. It's possible you have a girlfriend who lives in your country of choice and you date each other while you are there and you take care of her.

Your special ladyboy friend might be very sweet but you have no idea what she is doing when you are not around.This does not apply to everyone but there are those who work in bars and have a habit of seeing other men when you are away.That said, even those who do not work in bars or dealing with tourists on a regular basis, they usually will have a list of men they are seeing on a regular basis.

Things To Consider About A Long Distance Ladyboy Relationship:

1. She Needs Money:

In some cases, your ladyboy will ask you for money every month.In most cases, she will explain away the reason such as the following:

She has lost her job and steady income.She is no longer involved with the bar scene and is just not meeting customers any longer so she really needs your help.

She needs to support her parents and now that she is not making a living, it's almost impossible so she needs your help.In reality, in Thailand, it is quite common that as children move into adulthood, they send money to their parents.

Ok, in the real world, most ladyboys will never quit their jobs working at a bar and will probably make even more money than ever.She is not only making a salary at the bar but also is getting more cash from what you are giving her.There's no doubt that she will have the money to support her parents but ask yourself, how much?Chances are, you will eventually discover that the majority of that money is staying in her pocket!

2. Having Sex With Other Men:

If you are not living with your ladyboy girlfriend, there's a good chance she is seeing other men including her Asian boyfriend or foreign customers.In some cases, if she is spending time with foreign men, she might get phone calls from her boyfriends and in many cases, they just will not answer the phone.

3. Maybe You Are Her Only Online Boyfriend:

Some ladyboys learn early on how to manipulate men in order to get money and gifts.In many cases, they know these men will never come to Asia which is why they have a few online boyfriends at the same time in order to reap the benefits.If a man actually decides to visit his ladyboy, she will probably miraculously disappear or will discontinue any conversations with other boyfriends until he has left.

Long distance relationships can be tough but there is always a successful relationship and this article is not putting down all Asian ladyboys.Even though the above-mentioned ladies are not living saints, keep in mind, foriegn men might be playing a game with them as well.

Typically, ladyboys hear from their foreign men telling these girls how much they make them happy, how much they love them, and they want to marry them.Then comes the hateful news, these foreign men just up and disappear.There are just so many false and unfulfilling promises made from both sides.In order to have a relationship that works out takes honesty from both sides of the aisle.

Long distance relationships are tough enough between two people who have known each other for a very long time, let alone from dating online.I think you have to weigh your options and decide if your relationship with your ladyboy is really worth sticking with.If you are constantly paying for her every whim, you might want to step back and take a really hard look.

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