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Ladyboy datingtips: How to date safely

Ladyboy dating tips for a safe dating experience

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No matter whether you date online or offline My Ladyboy Cupid suggests to follow a few basic safety recommendations to keep your dating experience secure and pleasant. As with any kind of dating, while you meet new people it's important to keep in mind some precautions to make sure your safety. Just follow next few tips as you start communicating with new people on the site or planning to meet with a ladyboy offline.

Follow your intuition

Don't forget to trust your gut, even though the most members of our site are sincere and trustworthy. Remember that it's quit easy for people to claim to be someone they are not while you talk online.

So if some person makes you feeling uncomfortable or gives you an impression they are fake, don't ignore that. Sometimes your feelings and intuition may tell you more than mind.

Keep chatting within the site

In order to protect your personal information, we suggest you to keep communicating with your date within the site as long as you are getting to know each other. Sharing such contact details as your email address, phone number or any other contact information better to set aside until you feel confident with your match.

And never send money or give any financial information to other members, we also recommend you to report any requests to send money.

Fill your profile and be honest

In fact, you have more chances to meet a dream Ladyboy girlfriend or a decent man if you have filled up profile and you tell what you're looking for.

It's much easier to meet someone who's right for you if stay positive and honest while dating on My Ladyboy Cupid. Fill up all requested lines on profile, and add a fresh photo that clearly demonstrates your face and your actual look.

Believe, it will not work out if you choose a ten-year-old pic barely showing your face.

Don't forget about scams

Even if scams are not often seen, it's always good to know some basic signs indicating on them. Consider these signs also for those who are not serious about dating and looking for some cyber sex fun.

Beware of hasty “I love you” on the early stage of relationship or if someone appears too good to be real. Pay attention if someone making many personal questions to you meanwhile they avoid telling anything about them.

Consider ending contact, if someone doesn't intend to meet in person. Also ignore any requests for money or financial support.

Trust but verify

No matter how confident and optimistic you feel with your matches, we highly recommend to do your own research before meeting them personally in the flesh.

Try to type your match's name in a search engine or popular online social media or maybe even use some paid service to get more detailed report.

Besides that use your inner sense paying attention to the details that your matches share with you. If you feel something doesn't make sense or disturb you, just cease contact with that person.

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