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Ladyboy dating – Is there any risk?

There are many twists and turns that happen when you are dating ladyboys.

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There is a blatant stigma attached to Ladyboy dating which is negative in comparison to heterosexual dating. The Red Cross and other health-orientated organizations have struggled to close the gap when researching the sexual habits and health of partners in both groups.

In 2015, the EUCJ (European Union Court of Justice) made a statement that set back human rights and seriously impacted the rights of the transgender community.  They forbade sexually active gay men from blood donations in order to lower the risk of illnesses such as HIV from entering the blood supply.

This came from a complaint filed by a French citizen, Geoffrey Léger, stating he was banned from a blood donation because he was actively involved in a sexual relationship with another man.  The ruling was considered an assault on human rights and particularly LGBT rights.

The courts had to consider sexual orientation vs sexual behavior. Heterosexual couples also have promiscuous sexual relations and therefore should be in the same risk category but they are not banned from the donation of blood because they are heterosexual.  There seems to be biased because most trans relationships are not done on a random impulse but with a partner or in the right place.

Ladyboy Dating:

Unfortunately, there is a stereotype that having sex with a transgender person is putting someone at risk.  The fact is, the risk is not caused by sexual orientation but due to certain sexual habits or behaviors.

We visited the Red Cross website to obtain more accurate information.  The list of risks is based on objective points of view that were conducted by professionals working in various countries. According to the latest information, the Red Cross and America’s Blood Centers made adjustments in the blood donation policy.  The lifetime deferral was replaced by a one-year deferral in regard to men who have sex with men which seems relevant to the transgender community.

It was taken into consideration that there are transgender men who are involved in the sex industry and there is a strong risk in this group.  On the other hand, men having sex with transgender people can be rated within the risk group if their sexual behavior is unstable.  The same can be said about heterosexuals having random sexual partners which would put them in the high-level risk category as well.  Therefore, is sexual orientation or being transgender still a reason to label someone?

Dating Sites For Ladyboys:

When you join and meet someone on a ladyboy dating site, you can get to know someone by messaging,  chatting, or eventually meeting up with them.  You can draw your own conclusions if this person potentially should be in a high-risk group or not.

There is no doubt that sex education and habits play an important role in our overall good health.  That said, transgender dating is not any different from heterosexual dating in order to maintain good sexual health.  Keep in mind, do not overlook or neglect the same rules of safe sex whether transgender or heterosexual.

As adults, we are all responsible for our actions and how we conduct our sexual preferences.  Whether transgender or heterosexual dating, jumping from one partner to another on a regular basis can lead to health issues.  Looking for someone who will be a long-term part of your life is always the best way to get involved with someone.  If you are someone who is simply playing the field until the right person comes along, pay attention to your activities and your health.  It is always advised you have regular check-ups with your physician and use a little common sense.

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