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I used to work in the famous Ladyboy cabaret show Tiffanys

Through MyLadyboyCupid, I met and fell in love with a man from Germany called Helmut.

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We now live in Berlin and I have just completed an eight-month assimilation course in Germany. I needed to study the German language, culture and so on.

People often say to me, “Rachada (or “Da” which is my nickname), you are a very beautiful Transgender woman. Why did you give up working in one of the famous Ladyboy Tiffany shows in Pattaya in Thailand?”

Many Trans women aspire to be in a Tiffany show

Usually, I answer as follows: Being part of one of the famous Tiffany cabaret shows is a dream of many, many Ladyboys (or Trans women), in Thailand. In fact, the shows are world famous so many other T-girls probably dream about this too.

The dresses and costumes are beautiful beyond words. The make-up is very professionally done. And the shows are very well choreographed. Typically, each show has a cast of around 20-25 beautiful Ladyboys, with some men playing supporting roles.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that almost every performance plays to a full house. There are usually three shows per day and each show attracts about 1000 people. The auditoriums or show venues are usually purpose-built.

There are not only tourists but local Thais who like to travel from Bangkok to see these spectacular events. A very high proportion of the audiences are Asians, with Chinese tourists being the majority. They simply love to be entertained and it is a part of their overall Thailand experience to go a see a Ladyboy cabaret show. However, there are also lots of foreigners from the US, UK, Australia and India in the audience. There are both couples and single men. Some parents even bring their children.

Many men in the audience's dream of having a Ladyboy girlfriend

For those single men who watch the shows, many come to admire the beauty, femininity and grace of Transgender women. I’m sure a high percentage dream of having a Ladyboy girlfriend. Who wouldn’t though? In fact, I bet many of these men are members of MyLadyboyCupid.

Some people say I’m beautiful but many of my friends are truly stunning. Even without their make-up they are just like natural or genetic women. Tall, slim, long dark hair and figures far better than many “real” women.

If I had to list out some of the other highlights of working with Tiffany, I’d include the following:

  • when I worked there, I saw it as my “pinnacle of success”. I’d been entering local Ladyboy beauty pageants since I was about 11 or 12. To get to appear in a nationally known cabaret show and be seen by thousands upon thousands of tourists and locals alike is rather special;
  • many of the Trans girls, me included, were actually quite famous in Pattaya. I appeared in many magazines and even did an interview for a Thai TV show. I was also asked to do modeling assignments in my spare time and did some work for calendars and fashion shoots;
  • of course, then there were the after-show photos when tourists and locals wanted to have their photo taken with you. I always found this every exciting and must have had my photos taken hundreds of time per night. I worked at Tiffany for over six years so that’s a lot of photos and plenty of “tips”!
  • the salary and tips were very good and I was able to save a lot of money and invest in a condo or two so that I have rental income for when I am older
  • the camaraderie in the dressing room with all of the other Transgender women was great. We could share out stories, even though most were similar. But, as we were all Ladyboys together, we felt we had a special bond;
  • there were all types of T-girls in the shows. Gay and straight. Pre-op and post-op. Even some Trans women who had never had any surgery such as breast enhancement or genital surgery. Some of the Ladyboys had boyfriends, some had girlfriends. And some were even dating each other! Many had foreign boyfriends, sometimes more than one….

But, on the other hand:

  • it is a long hard road to get to be a Tiffany Ladyboy “showgirl”. Only really the top few percent can achieve this. The competition is very fierce and only the taller, slimmer and prettier T-girls make it;
  • your career span is very short and, usually by the time you are 26 or 27, there is a younger, more beautiful and more feminine Ladyboy ready and waiting to take your place;
  • and, maybe, the biggest problem: finding a genuine man to love you for what you are, and not an object of lust! Almost every single man I met only really wanted to have sex with me. They were besotted by the image of a Tiffany Ladyboy. But after sleeping with a T-girl, most men would disappear. All their promises disappeared too. It’s not uncommon for Thai men to build a relationship with a Ladyboy. Then after two or three years the family pressure to find a “normal” woman would be so great they’d be forced to break off the relationship. They’d usually get married to a genetic girl, someone their family approved of.

So, the end result for most Transgender women as far as your love life is concerned?

If you are looking for a sincere, genuine man to share your life with, enrol on MyLadyboyCupid, as the chances of finding “Mr Right” for you will be very high. Look at me as a prime example!

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