Hi, this is Janet again, with the second part of my story about growing up Trans-Pinay and how much I owe MyLadyboyCupid. You may recall that, by the time I was 15-16, I'd already vowed to become a “complete" Trans woman. I was dressing in female clothes as often as I could and had been introduced to female hormones through my research on the internet. My idea was that, if I could get my parents let me go away to college when I was 18, then I could try and live full time as a Trans-pinay. I knew by now that this would be the only thing to help me through the emotional times I was experiencing. It was so frustrating pretending to be seen as male when clearly I was female.

Coming out as a Trans-Pinay woman

But my plans had a big setback one Saturday afternoon.

My parents had gone to another province for a business meeting, taking my sister with them. As usual, I'd slipped into a nice bra and panties and selected one of my sister's beautiful dresses almost as soon as I'd heard their car drive away. I'd done my make-up and was sitting in front of the mirror above my mother's dressing table. I was carefully painting my finger nails when the door opened suddenly and my mother walked in.

For a second or two, she just looked at me, her eyes wide, her mouth open. The surprise, or shock should I say, making her unable to speak. “Aaaaa…" she finally said, “what on earth are you doing?"

It felt as if my stomach fell to my knees and I shivered involuntarily, almost frozen with fear. "hellip; er, mother, I think I can explain."

Of course, my mother told my father and, on the Sunday morning, my parents dragged me off to the local priest. As you might expect, he had no experience with Transgender people. He said something the effect that I was either possessed by the devil or gay. And, worse still, that beating me might “cure me". Naturally, he offered to help do this, also suggesting that he could try giving me electric shocks first to get rid of the bad influences in me.

Sunday afternoon, I pleaded with my parents to do two things. First, to sit with me at my computer and look through all of the information I had found about the causes of being Transgender. I wanted to let them know how it was in-built very much like being tall or having green eyes. Secondly, I asked them to let me invite Roslynn (the Trans woman I mentioned in part 1) to come and talk with them.

Transgender woman in the Philippines

Fortunately, as I later realised, my parents were open minded enough to listen to me. My father, especially, was an educated medical man. He had travelled overseas in the course of his work and was quite worldy when it came to matters of gender or sex. This was unusual as many Filipinos were stuck with the one-dimensional dogma of the catholic church.

Roslynn duly came over and, with her help, I convinced my parents: no, I was not a gay man. No, it was not a phase I was going through dressing up like a girl. No, it was not “curable". Yes, I had the mind of a female and the boy parts of a male. Yes, I could still lead a normal happy life, work hard at college and get a good job. Yes, I was Transgender and there were many others like me in The Philippines and in the world! 

The bottom line? My parents agreed that if I continued to study hard, they would allow me to go on hormones and pay for breast and the other necessary surgeries once I graduated. Perhaps the best part to me, though, was that my mother remarked how beautiful I was as a female and that maybe I should think about joining a beauty pageant for Trans women.

So, a few month's later I did and, over the course of three years, won two competitions and was placed in the top 5 in another six of them. Two were at national level! Needless to say, my mother was thrilled and, to this day, she keeps all of my photos of me in ballgowns, swimwear and casual wear and trophies on display.

Trans-Pinay dating on My Ladyboy Cupid

It was not long after I graduated with a degree in electrical engineering that I started looking at dating sites such as MyLadyboyCupid. I knew I would not be happy with a Filipino man and, if at all possible, wanted to move away from The Philippines. Trans-pinay are tolerated but not always accepted in my country due to the conservative nature of the austere main religion.

Such dating sites specialise in linking up Transgender women with men who adore and love them. I was really quite amazed when I became a member and looked through the site. Dozens of foreign men looking for a Trans woman like, but also lots of T-girls from all over the world seeking a genuine man to be with.

Perhaps I was lucky, I'm not sure, but I met Ted on the ladyboy dating site MyLadyboyCupid within just a few weeks of becoming member. We struck up an instant rapport and when he first came to meet me in The Philippines, we both knew we were meant for each other. Now, 5 years later, we are married with a nice home. We plan to adopt a child from The Philippines during this trip back. I'm so happy to have been able to have found a man who loves me for what I am!


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