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Fall Hard, But Not For a Scammer On a Ladyboy Site

Sometimes love can blind you in so many ways that there comes a point where you don't notice that your ladyboy is already deceiving you.

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Anyone can be a victim or fall prey to this and you’re not at fault. There are just people who take advantage of situations. My Ladyboy Cupid is here to help you identify and dodge a scammer. Read through our four tips to protect yourself now.

It’s important to avoid generalization. The majority of Asian ladyboys are decent women that are looking to find their lifetime partner that values real emotions as much as they do.

1. Once you establish your relationship, if possible it is good to meet in person

Most romance scams start when you just stay connected through messenger without even checking each other’s faces. Always verify the profile picture used by your transgender darling and compare it to when you finally get to see her face. Don’t feel like a jerk for asking your ladyboy partner to meet for a date just to check if she’s real or not. If you can’t meet face to face, you can ask her for a video call.

If she always bails at the last minute, you have to think twice about why she always has a reason for canceling your trip or that important video call. If it happens over and over again, it is highly likely that nothing good will come out of it.

2. If she falls too fast, it might be a warning sign

Did she tell how much she loves you right after just talking over a few days? Wake up! Love doesn’t just come around like that, especially not through the internet. Your transsexual potential girlfriend might just want to speed things up so that you will fall for her easily.

One of the most common things they say is that they can’t wait to marry you and be with you forever. Breathe and then think, “Is it possible to say that so easily as if love isn’t as complicated as it already is?” Take things slow but steady. You don’t have to get your ideal relationship in just a small amount of time. Get to know your online chat partner better.

3. Your conversations with your ladyboy tell the whole story

Are you always just talking about general things? Does it seem like she does not want to share important things about her? Is she always available to talk to you when you need her? Or is she busy with her job to even talk to you?

If your transgender sweetheart has a job, then she definitely has limited time to talk to other men. Also, if she seems superficial then it might probably be true. When you talk to her, she needs to be open just as you are – from the list of your favorite things, the things she hates, and the things that make her happy. If you feel like you don’t know much about your transsexual darling, then you might not be the only person she is talking to.

4. When she asks for money, run

Monetary help is not completely banned if that’s what you want to do for your trans partner. However, if your ladyboy is the type of person who consistently hints about needing money or facing financial fallbacks, she’s most likely a certified scammer. But it is always up to you if you want to give her something. After all, love can make you do silly things.

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