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Ladyboys and doubts about foreign men?

Most of the time smiling and looking happy Asian ladyboys make an impression as easygoing and cheerful girls.

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Anyway if to have an honest talk with any of them who is at least 20 years old they would tell about some unpleasant experience from the past. That's why when you approach some transsexual girl for the first time quite possibly she would have a lot of doubts about your intentions.

In this article we review 5 most common reasons why ladyboys may have doubts about foreigners and their feelings:

1. Foreign men consider ladyboys as sex workers

Well, it's pretty common situation when you live far away and try to gather any information about some matter you can get a general idea based on the Google search results. But it's enough to look for Asian ladyboys or transsexuals and you will find countless porn videos or pictures and contact information of escort services with them. And in case you have vacations in Thailand, Philippines or other South-East Asian country you will see a lot of girls working freelance in the streets or in go-go bars. That's why most of the men consider trans girls as sexual objects and pretty often seek nothing more than just fun with them.

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2. Baby dilemma

This problem may occur in the couple where man is quite young and he still doesn't have own kids. In case a man is older, probably already divorced and having children, then they don't care much about the fact that their transgender fiancée can't give them a baby. But when a man reaches the age when an idea to have their own offsprings finally crosses their mind then the first what they decide it's to break up with trans girlfriend and to find a genetic woman.

3. Men tend to leave them after SRS

According to some statistics men who are attracted to ladyboys they mostly prefer trans women in pre-op and non-op gender reassignment status. And only some of them choose girls who are already undergone this surgery or in other words having artificial vagina. That's why a ladyboy might also fear to be left just because their partner lost interest to them. Is it needing in this case to remind that if the feelings are real and genuine between partners then they should accept each other such as they are, huh?

4. He would keep their relationship in secret

Even if a man has serious intentions and genuinely in love with his trans girlfriend there is a possibility that he would not be ready to announce to the world about their relationship. And even if she looks very pretty and feminine, especially Asian ladyboys, men sometimes feel anxious to express their romantic feelings in public.

5. It's all about time and age

Being trans woman means also having typical women troubles. Finding a decent man with serious intentions, preferably future husband or lifetime partner, might be a challenge which needs time and patience. That's why same as genetic females ladyboys also dream to look young as long as possible to be interesting for men. After all the most part of men are looking for young and beautiful girls, and that means the older they become the less chances they have to find man soon.
To all the above, it might be helpful for you to understand the feelings of your trans girlfriend. Consider that she is the most delicate among the women and never forget to be polite.

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