Discussing Intimacy In Ladyboy Dating

There are many twists and turns that happen when you are dating ladyboys. Not everything is black and white, there are two people who have their own preferences, comfort zones, and different personalities. Relationships are based on finding the right matches with the right people.  Now it’s time to start digging a little deeper into ladyboy dating services.

It’s time to start discussing intimate things that are significant topics involving ladyboy dating. Sex lives play an important role in most relationships and many of the ladyboy dating sites have special options to indicate various sex roles including, top, bottom, and versatile.  Many options are geared to reduce the level of questions and clarifying things from the start.  Sometimes these steps can lead to doubts and controversial feelings from both sides, whether men or ladyboys.

So, what if a man states he is versatile and runs the risk of being rejected by ladyboys?  What if a trans lady has difficulty finding the right partner?

What Does Versatile Mean?

In simple terms, versatile means switching roles between partners during intimacy.  Usually, trans ladies, for the most part, prefer to play the feminine passive role which they are mostly associated with.  On the other hand, most men assume an active role which happens between men and cisgender women.  However, this can have more than one meaning.  Being versatile does not take into consideration exclusively an act of penetration but might include oral sex.  Therefore, before making decisions that are incorrect, it’s a good idea to clear things up.

What Ladyboys Think When Dating A Versatile Guy:

If you view a ladyboy dating site, you will find a huge range of profiles of versatile men.  What if a ladyboy, during a chat, discovers things about a guy that can lead to many questions in her mind?  Did he have sexual encounters with other men? How often should she play in an active role, etc?  In some cases, trans ladies might feel less of a woman than they would expect to encounter.  Ladies, there is no reason to feel frustrated!

The fact is, not all men are versatile, even if they claim to be so.  In some cases, they choose this option on their profiles in hopes of attracting as many ladyboys as possible.  This is common among new guys who have just discovered the world of ladyboys.  There are guys who really do prefer passive (bottom) roles while there are ladyboys who prefer active (top) roles.  Everyone has their individual preferences, so the sexual roles and the compatibility depends on the couple.

Should A Ladyboy Reject Individuals?

The bottom line, men who prefer dating ladyboys are not gay.  There are guys who have the same sexual preferences as a ladyboy.  If you are a trans lady who strongly believes that you should be treated like a real woman, then it would not be difficult to reject some individuals.  That said, there is a big difference between someone you like and someone you love. In most cases, we are more likely and ready to experience different avenues with someone we love.  Strong, healthy relationships are being able to give and receive in all senses.  This is why if you are in a relationship with a versatile partner, you will find new ideas and possibilities to make your relationship work.  The most important step for both of you would be to experience a free will done in a comfortable, natural way.

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