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Top Dating tips for ladyboy dating

Okay, so you’ve been chatting to a few of the beautiful Ladyboys or Transgender women on MyLadyboyCupid.

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You’ve met five or six T-girls you like on the site and are in the process of narrowing these down to, maybe, two. It’s a very hard choice, we know, as there are so many lovelies on the site.

The Trans women you like may be Ladyboys from Thailand or Trans-pinay from The Philippines. Or, alternatively, they might be a Trans woman from Holland, Spain or the US or some other country in the world. Technically, they can still be called “Ladyboys”.

All different types of Transgender women. But, fundamentally, all the same. They will have grown up with the same realization that they are female, not male. And know that one way or another they have had to do something about it!

So, the day is drawing close when you will actually get to meet the Ladyboy of your dreams. She might be in your own city or the next province or state. Or you may have to get on a plane to go and see her. So far, you’ve had the protection of your keyboard to hide behind. As great as it is to be “dating” a Trans woman online, there’s nothing quite like dating in the flesh, as it were!

Meeting a Ladyboy or Transgender woman for the first time

You may feel nervous or excited to be meeting a Ladyboy beauty. Especially if it’s the first time you have met a T-girl. You are probably thinking: “What shall I do? How do I make myself look good and impress the lady I’ve been waiting to meet for so long?”

Well, here are some great tips to remember when you finally get to meet the potential love of your life:

  • greet and treat your Ladyboy friend just as you would do any other woman. A Trans woman is emotionally female and behaves and presents just as any genetic woman would. She may have an extra body part but, hey, that might be one of the main attractions for you!
  • be polite at all times and show some respect. Most Ladyboys have faced many challenges, prejudices and discrimination during their lives. To get where they are today, namely living as full-time women, is admirable. Yet some of the challenges T-girls face never go away: for example, discrimination when applying for a job or renting an apartment and so on;
  • buy your Ladyboy some small gifts, especially if you are traveling from another city or another country. Tell her how great she looks and repeats you have so much been waiting to meet her. Compliment her on her cooking (if she does cook for you) or the dress she is wearing. Make her feel good about herself;
  • show that you are genuinely looking for a long-term relationship and that you are keen to take care of her, as you would with a genetic woman. Allow her to build her trust in you;

Ladyboys often overachieve

  • many Ladyboys become overachievers in their educational background. This is partly to compensate for “being different” and having to perform better than her peers. Sometimes it is to do with a “deal” they struck with their parents: do well academically and we’ll support your transition. This latter is a more common occurrence in Asia. The point is that you will need to remember that your Trans woman may be a very capable businesswoman or career indeed; gave her the scope to continue to express herself;
  • pay attention to and make sure to get on well with her friends. Many Ladyboys turn to each other for support when others are discriminating against or being prejudicial about them. The T-girl community can be very close-knit and many girls will turn to each other for comment and advice on men they are about to date or dating. You need to make a good impression;
  • don’t expect to jump into bed with your Ladyboy the first time you meet… there’s more to a relationship with a Transgender woman than just sex! Of course, it’s possible that you meet a T-girl in a bar or night club and she offers a night of passion… at a “fee”. Of course, it’s all up to you, but don’t expect this to end up as a long-term relationship;
  • don’t ask too many personal questions too quickly about operations and surgeries which your Ladyboy may or may not have had. She will tell you in her own good time. It’s a bit like her asking you if you are circumcised as soon as you meet! Some Transgender women absolutely hate their penises and anything to do with it. Some, however, are happy to use it as part of sex play, but don’t rush the question;
  • don’t say things like: I would have never known you are a boy or male or man before. Many T-girls do not recognize that they were ever male, just that they were born with male genitalia!

Follow our great tips and you are sure to go far with one of the beautiful Ladyboys you meet on MyLadyboyCupid. We have a great record of successfully matching Trans women with the men who love them… and we and you want it to continue!

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