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Beauty pageants for Ladyboys from Asia

You probably notice when you look through the profiles of the Ladyboys on MyLadyboyCupid that many of T-girls have been involved in beauty pageants.

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This is particularly so for Thai Ladyboys and Trans-pinay from The Philippines. Not all T-girls enter pageants, of course, but in many Asian countries, it’s almost a way of life. Entertainment via TV with daily soap operas or the cinema with fantasy type films often provides escape channels for many of the population. And beauty contests feature high up on the list of favorites.

Beauty pageants for ladyboys are very popular

Indeed, there is a huge fascination with Transgender beauty pageants in Asian countries. Pageants in The Philippines and Thailand are well-known. But Indonesia and Vietnam also host such contests. However, it is in the former two countries where fledging Trans women are more likely to be able to first get started on their road to fame and fortune. Beauty pageants such as Miss Tiffany International or Miss Trans Universe are the ultimate goals of many of the stunning Transgender women. Many start their on-stage careers early.

Yet, there still remains some confusion even in Asia about the differences between being Trans and being gay. Many of the local or regional contests in Thailand or The Philippines are entitled “Miss Gay Bangkok” or “Miss Gay National” or include the word gay in some other way in the pageant title. This is especially so in The Philippines where the words for Trans and gay seem to be interchangeable according to who is speaking them. Sure, there are some gay men who like to dress up as females to participate in beauty contests. And many of them are very beautiful. But, at the end of the day, they are probably reverting to male attire and a male lifestyle after the contest has ended.

This apart, the public tend to love a great Transgender beauty pageant (and shows, of course) and a large industry has been built around such events. Indeed, these contests are taken very seriously, even for younger participants. Typically, Trans beauty pageants will be held at different levels. They may start at the local village level, progressing to towns, cities and then provincial level. For those T-girls beautiful and elegant enough to make it to provincial levels contests, the next challenge is to compete regionally. Finally, for those Trans women who have the look and the resources, a national competition is the objective. It is not easy to compete nationally without a sponsor. For a select few Trans women, they make it to an international level and compete with other T-girls from a multitude of countries.

Trans beauty pageants contestants can start very young

Some Trans women start their beauty pageant carers around the age of 7 or 8 when they first dress up as a female in public at the local temple or village fair. Even competing in these competitions can be highly fraught as there is a lot of pride, even if not money, at stake. The young Trans girls have to show herself well in order to make her family and relatives proud. She has to impress the judges and maintain her poise and dignity even at such a tender age. Especially if her goal is to one day reach the heights of national or even international competition.

You might think it’s a bit early or unusual for young boys to be parading around on stage in girl’s clothes. Wearing make-up and acting as feminine as possible. You might ask how does a young person know she is Transgender (or, more likely, mistakenly believe they are gay) at such an early age? Well, you can read up on Trans women or watch videos on YouTube about T-girls. You will see that almost all Transgender women know from a very early age that they are different from others who have been assigned as male at birth.

They may not be able to tell you why, but they just know. Being Trans is in-built and unchangeable just as being tall or short is. In fact, until the last 10 years or so, few young boys who felt they were different would have known the words Transgender, T-girls or Trans woman. They might have though they were gay if there was an attraction to other boys. However, don’t forget, not all Trans women like men!

Greater awareness about Transgender issues

Yet with increased awareness of T-issues and more and more role models out there, more young boys know that they are a Ladyboy or Trans-pinay from an early age. With this awareness, more and more families now understand the predicament of their child and offer greater support than previously. So, when it comes to local beauty pageants for Trans women, it’s not unusual to find that families, especially mothers, are the greatest supporters. They or their immediate relatives will help with clothes and make-up. Helping the fledgling Trans woman get her to look right, teaching her how to walk and stand on stage. Teaching them how to answer the judges’ questions and just being there for support as needed.

So, next time you look through the profiles of some of the Trans beauties on MyLadyboyCupid and see that your favorite lady has been in a beauty pageant, spare some thought to what she has achieved!

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