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Men Who Are Considered Ladyboy Chasers

In this article, we will discuss men who are referred to as ladyboy chasers. These men have little to no regard for the women they are chasing.

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All they want is the trophy from the win. Trans women are not considered of any value except to participate in their rather sick, perverted game. Chasers have certain traits so please read through and keep these signs in mind when dating. The last thing you need or want is a complete loser who will make your life a living hell!

There are men that are considered chasers and display certain traits that, quite honestly, you would be wasting your time on. What separates these men from those who really like trans women, they are in it for the hunt! That fact a is that could lead to trouble.

These men are usually narcissistic and use manipulative actions to get their way. That's not to say that all chasers are narcissistic but many certainly are. Their communication skills are well known by transgender women and often times are quite exhausting because they have a habit of pushing all the wrong buttons.

The biggest difference between a chaster and someone who just happens to like ladyboys, they are manipulative and want to have complete control over their object of desire. A chaser's objective is built around their belief that people are simply objects for them to abuse and that's how they perceive trans women.

When first encountered, these men come across as quite respectful and present a facade that you can not immediately see through. In many cases, they are really good at keeping up a false face but it's up to trans women to trust their better judgment when encountering these men. The question is, how can you know if you are dealing with a chaser?

Let's look at some revealing signs:

One of their common phrases is always “a special woman”. Even though that's not necessarily a sign, but too often it is. I can't tell you how many times I have counted on one hand is being referred to as special but have not shown any of the other signs. Many of these men who refer to a woman as “special” are completely out of touch with women and therefore start chasing ladyboys.

The next important sign to look out for, he just announced that he thinks women are too difficult to understand – run! Without a doubt, men and women think differently but there's nothing new about that. That does not mean that ladyboys are not as difficult or are a better match for these men. Many of the problems they might face with women is a lack of communication and, if so, it's not a really good idea to pursue trans women who will fight back. In some cases, these men are not only manipulative but also very controlling and most women, trans or not, are not going to tolerate this conduct.

Another important sign is his sexual fantasy to have sex with a transsexual woman and absolutely nothing else. Even though there is no law against this behavior, common courtesy will get them a heck of a lot further. What's wrong with a chaser, they do not seem to get or appreciate that ladyboys have experienced this behavior on a daily basis. Sadly, chasers do not place any value on these women, they are just looking for success and satisfaction in a sexual way. We are not talking about guys who will not stop pursuing even after they have been rejected. They just can't seem to take “No” for an answer.

This is a big problem in my book, the guy who can't handle mildly sarcastic remarks after dishing out disrespect. If a guy can't handle a trans woman standing up for herself, that can be a big issue for these men. When communicating with women, or showing their perception of what the problem might be, they will make it clear it's not their problem, instead, you are just being difficult.

These men will play on your insecurities as a part of the game. This is a very important trait that should be seriously discussed. If you ignore this sign, you are in for a rude awakening when looking for personal well being. Many of us have fallen into this trap, more than once, due to naivety. You will be wasting your time on people who would never allow this kind of treatment done to them. Gender dysphoria can be a very difficult thing to handle and quite tiring. Keep in mind, if this kind of man knows you have insecurities of any kind, they will use them against you and even play tricks on you if they are vicious enough. Once someone knows you are trans, they will know your deepest fears and scars.

If they know you have dysphoria issues and are loaded with insecurities, they can use them against you. They will play against your looks with comments like “you have awfully large cheekbones” or “did you have breast implants?” These comments can come out of the blue as you never asked for their opinion. Their objective could not be more obvious and if there's anything you do not need is someone expecting an answer to these rude questions.

We hope this article has helped you, especially if you are new to ladyboy dating and having sexual interactions. You should look out for these signs because they are pretty darn accurate. Hopefully, this information will help you understand how important self-respect is along with self-love to bring you the peace of mind you deserve.

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