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Ladyboys are part of a huge spectrum of gender diversity

Believe it or not, in the past, some people never really seemed to understand about Ladyboys. Maybe they were too narrow minded. Or had listened to the dogma they had been taught about that there are only two genders. Or that being Transgender (ie literally crossing genders) was not possible, not real in that it was a life-style choice.

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Fundamentally, as the more enlightened modern generations have come to realize, it is a myth that there are only two genders. In fact, if anyone cares to look back into history and do a little bit of research, you'll find the proof. Ladyboys and Transgender people have been around since humans first walked the earth.

Ladyboys have existed for years

They may have been called different names than Ladyboys, but there were certainly feminine men or Transgender people in Ancient Greek and Roman times. There were certainly so-called "two spirit" people thousands of years in Native American society. And there still are. There were also such people in Indian and the Pacific Island communities. They were and still are revered for their ability to see "both sides of the gender line". For having a better grasp of both male and female psyche than most other people.

Trawling through the history of other countries also throws up many cases of Transgender people in dozens of other countries across the globe (albeit referred to by different names). But then, as now, minorities are often ostracized and often discriminated against, simply because they are different and, so the true extent of gender variances may never be truly known.

Transgender sings
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Names change, being Trans doesn’t

Fast forward to the 20th and now the 21st century and, after years of repression and prejudices, ostensibly due to the conservatism of the religious right, Ladyboys and other Transgender people followed their gay and lesbian cousins in stepping forward and out if the closet. However, being a Ladyboy, or T-girl as they are sometimes called, is far more complex and highly fraught than being simply gay.

For a start being a Ladyboy it is about gender identification not sexual orientation, as with gay people. Then there are societal issues such as appearance. A gay man does not necessarily change his appearance or adjust his body features; a Ladyboy invariably needs to do this in an attempt to bring the body and mind in alignment. Rejection by parents and families of Trans people is also much higher as are, sadly, suicide rates.

Even though it's almost 70 years since the first "sex change" (as it was called then), it's possibly only the last 30-40 years since a far better understanding of Transgenderism has come about. Researchers, scientists and doctors now generally accept that gender is a very wide spectrum and that it's not really possible to be 100% male nor 100% female. In fact, how can anyone be when, in reality, all humans are the product of their mother and father. Maybe in varying degrees of characteristics but fundamentally 50/50 mother/father.

Gender spectrum and Ladyboys

This recognition of a gender spectrum has helped with two key things. It has spawned many terms and labels for people such as Ladyboy or Transsexuals (although the latter term is now fairly obsolete as it is recognized that the issue is about gender not sex) or Transvestites. And it has made many people question themselves and ask just how they feel and how they identify themselves.

Perhaps the best analogy is that the gender spectrum is like a rainbow with colors never starkly changing from one to the next, but blurring ever so gradually into each other. Just like a rainbow--one reason perhaps why a multi colored flag is the symbol of the LGBTQI movement!

Social media has spurred the quest for self-knowledge and also, importantly, allows different people the opportunity to express themselves in the relative safety of the internet. So, if we have males at one end of the gender spectrum and females at the other, take some time to consider where some or all of the following people fit in. And, by the way, here we are talking about gender not sexuality and fetishist behavior.

See what you think… and if you don't quite know what they all mean, look them up: Ladyboys; Transgender women; Trans men; gender queer; non-binary; gender fluid; gender variant; or people using the pronouns "them" or "they".

It's not really possible to accurately place Ladyboys on the gender spectrum as even within this term there are variations and permutations.

The best thing to do, perhaps, is not spend time unduly worrying about labels. Just accept whoever you meet, Ladyboy, Trans women and so on at face value. Enjoy people for what they are!

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