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26 Year
United States
Does not matter
I am: A Transsexual woman
Age: 26
Country: United States
City: Wellington
Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs)
Body type: Athletic
Type of transgender: None-op
Sexual role: Versatile
Height: 175 cm / 5´8"
Education: High School Grad
Employment Status: I'll tell you later
Occupation: I'll tell you later
Religion: Spiritual
Have Kids: No
Status: Single
Drinking: Socially
Smoking: Socially
Willing to relocate: Yes
Style: Sexy
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eyes: Blue
Languages: English

About myself

I'll start off by saying hello ^-^ my name is Rowena, I'm 26 and I'll be 27 on the 15th of February. I'm not new to being transgender, I've struggled with gender dysphoria since I was little and it took me up until a few months ago to sum up the courage to come out about me wanting to be a woman and I am happier not hiding anymore and being myself. I have never been with a guy in my life, only biological women and I did stay the night with someone like me one time and as far as who I'm attracted to goes I like biological women, I like people like me and even someone who has been able to transition and looks like a female but hasn't gone as far as getting bottom surgery. I'm not opposed to seeing a guy though as long as he knows what he's getting into if he shows interest in me, won't hurt me emotionally and physically, treat me how I want to be treated which is like a woman and protect me. I could go for a nice good looking guy even if they look like the Hulk in comparison to me lol a sugar daddy would be really nice too or a sugar momma! Whoever the guy/or woman is I don't even have to make a promise that I'll do my best to take care of you too. I'd put more down here but what would be the point in ruining getting to know me by telling people things that take away from getting to know me? Plus, it seems like I tend to attract people that only want one thing from me, well this girl isn't "putting out" for anyone unless you miraculously fall in love with me and I without a doubt wind up falling in love with you, whoever you are out there lol but yeah, feel free to message me! I promise I don't bite, too hard anyway ^-^ ♡
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