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53 Year
United States
San Francisco
I am: A Man
Age: 53
Country: United States
City: San Francisco
Weight: 86 kg (190 lbs)
Body type: Average
Sexual role: Versatile
Height: 182 cm / 5´11"
Education: Post-Graduate
Employment Status: Self-employed
Occupation: Other
Religion: Not Religious
Have Kids: No
Status: Single
Drinking: Socially
Smoking: Socially
Willing to relocate: No
Style: Casual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eyes: Green
Languages: English

About myself


San Francisco,


As to what is here should give you a pretty good idea of whether you may want to pursue something here or not.

What this is about:

I am an attractive, intelligent, well educated, regularly horny, post teeny, white male), who would like to develop a potentially/possible no hassle, no drama, mutually non-possessive, non-monetary*, ongoing relationship with an attractive TS lady.

*However within the above context, in the interest in being straight forward and direct, please understand that although a maybe a “Daddy” type I am not interested in adding the term “Sugar” to that title (no interest in play for pay situations).

About Me:

To reiterate from above, I am an attractive, intelligent, well educated, regularly horny, post teeny, white male). However, what was not said, is the truth that I truly enjoy the company of attractive ladies!!!

Physically: I have green eyes and brown/gray hair and stand at 5'11 with currently weighing in at 190 lb (+/-) with looking to returning to my prime weight of 175 lb.

As to location: I am located in the South Beach/SOMA district of downtown San Francisco, on the Embarcadero just North of the Giants ball park (which is convenient to freeway access, parking, public transit and as a stop on multiple MUNI train lines as terminate at Cal-Train). Also, immediately available within this complex, there are first class workout and kick back facilities comparable to any world class resort (including multiple pools, hot tubs/sauna & BBQs).

As to political/philosophical labels: I would consider myself a solution oriented progressive/ libertarian who is spiritual but agnostic as to any particular religious orientation (where I generally believe people should do whatever they want to do as long as such is not harmful either others or the environment). Where I have real difficulty is with people who want to try to impress their personal social, political and/or religious values on others. Discussions and legitimate debate are one thing, ideological and/or religious demagoguery and/or harassment is something completely different.

As to interests/hobbies: I have long history of interest and/or participating in: Current events and history (including related politics), travel (including the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America with a desire/intent to yet get to Europe, Australia/New Zealand and Southeast Asia & the South Pacific, also a summer trip via train across Canada), reading, movies, table top games, sailing, diving skiing, classic/historic cars and associated racing and aviation (from that flying as performance singles/light twins, ultra-lights and models, various types of music excluding hard rock, reggae & hip-hop.

As to sex: I am generally open minded excepting practices that are either unsafe and/or may be harmful (including sado-masochism or bestiality of any type). Also have a lot of toys.

As a separate but also perhaps relevant subject, your limited photo presentation indicates that you are both attractive and photogenic. Assuming such to actually be the case, perhaps with looking to my background (as both a marketing professional and a pretty good photographer), we might want to jointly look to discuss ideas to either create or improve your portfolio and/or website/Internet presence.

Also, I will guarantee you direct straight/forward communications and that I am not a game player where I do expect the same. Although an expanded profile is available on request, what is presented here should give you pretty good picture of what I am about. What you see is what you get!!!

What I am looking for: I would like to find an attractive, intelligent, easy going and personable, non possessive, no hassle/no drama TS lady where any potential relationship we may develop would be non-monetary Hence, such a relationship would then be simply based on the fact that we enjoy each others company. and if such should occur, it seems to me that at such a relationship, should be, by definition, as being both ongoing & long term.

Additionally, if such a lady would be versatile +, in shape +, shapely +, buxom/busty + = all then = ++++. So in reading all of this, if you see any kind of a possible fit, then let's communicate, OK???
*As ideal add-ons to the above as a wish list, this lady would also like motorcycles, movies, reading, table games (cards, chess, checkers, monopoly, backgammon, etc), reading, movies, etc. Also if she enjoyed working out (with also being an exercise partner), then whoopee!!! To add possible perfection to this dream/wish list, if the above could also be combined with the ability to teach harmonica and guitar to a budding 2nd Bob Dylan the then hooray & many more kudos (++++)!!!


· Do you like motorcycles??? As there are some great places to ride around SF, how about you joining me for some fun time on a warm, sunny afternoon for a ride through the Marin headlands with then stopping for refreshments and shooting some pool or shuffleboard at an attractive public “bistro" with taking things from there as they go (with, subject to your interest, then returning to my playpen for some cocktails/ Champaign & dinner to some enjoyable background music followed with a movie or two and making love through the remainder of the night with then potentially living happily ever after.

· If you are not local, would you enjoy visiting here (with the potential of possibly looking to spending some time here on a regular basis)???

· As to where to from here??? Assuming that you may have an interest in what is presented here, I would like to propose that we initially communicate via e-mail & by phone with looking meet for cocktails at an attractive, mutually convenient, low key, easy to converse lounge and take things from there as they go.

In closing, thank you for your time in reviewing this introduction where I will look forward to hearing from you and prospectively getting together*.

However, in any case, should we not connect for any reason, my best wishes to you in your search and for what remains of 2018 and beyond?

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