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I am: A Man
Age: 53
Country: United States
City: Phoenix
Weight: 91 kg (201 lbs)
Body type: Slim
Sexual role: Versatile
Willing to relocate: Yes
Height: 191 cm / 6´3"
Education: Some College
Employment Status: I'll tell you later
Occupation: Technical
Religion: I'll tell you later
Have Kids: I'll tell you later
Drinking: Socially
Smoking: Socially
Status: Single
Style: Casual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eyes: Hazel
Languages: English

About myself

I'll post pic's and become a member if It looks promising. For now though, I'll simply wait and see if there may be someone promising awaiting. Sorry, but I'm skeptical. I am assuming that this will probably take me nowhere, but who knows for sure. I suppose that it is worth a shot.

I am just an average guy looking for a long term relationship with someone that can love me, and that I can trust, love and always be open with. I would like to meet someone 30+ years old just for personal resolution, maturity, experience, wisdom, etc..

I prefer someone that is self sustaining, or capable, (business minded), of assisting with start up business if we end up together and in a region where the manner of business is unfamiliar to me, for our mutual benefit. I am not wealthy or rich and I do not even care to only be a ladder in someones life to something else, but rather, I love the idea of working together as one to create a bright future.

I like music, movies, computers, cars etc., but I love romantic walks on the beach at night, holding hands, good food, sharing ideas, dreams, feelings and thoughts.

A few quick notes so far:
I wonder how many ladies here posting pic's of themselves posing scantily clad in a hotel room, or from a cam sex site, realize that it might matter to someone looking for a serious relationship.

I'VE seen photos of a ladies that proclaim in their profile that they don't smoke or can't stand smoke, but they are clearly holding a lit cigarette. It makes me smile and wonder about what's real..

BOTTOM, isn't always the right answer.

AGE, isn't really a bad thing. Wisdom and maturity usually go along with age.

I feel like I am forgetting something but I have already said a lot, except to say that if I added you to my favorites, that means that I am genuinely interested in you. Respond as you like, but enough response, (email) will likely inspire me to do all of the things that I stated in the very first sentence. Oh, and I made this la little long to see if anyone, is even paying attention.

Stay happy all. Life goes on. Happily I hope.
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