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67 Years
United States
DeFuniak Springs
I am: A Man
Age: 67
Country: United States
City: DeFuniak Springs
Sexual role: I'll tell you later
Height: 180 cm / 5´10"
Weight: 82 kg (181 lbs)
Body type: Average
Education: Post-Graduate
Employment Status: Retired
Occupation: I'll tell you later
Religion: I'll tell you later
Have Kids: Yes - at home part-time
Status: Single
Drinking: Socially
Smoking: No
Willing to relocate: I'll tell you later
Style: Classic
Ethnicity: Latino
Eyes: Brown
Languages: English

About myself

I'm evaluating who it is that I'm going to be spending my life with. I'm not necessarily ready to settle down yet, but when that Lady comes along, I want to be ready for her. I want to know that I'm making the right choice."

First of all, I find the word " Normal " to be a very dangerous concept.
Just like you, I walk to different drummer all my life.
My motto in life is to be HAPPY.
“Be True To Yourself”
And that I admire about you.
Congratulation on being True To Yourself…

I’m 66 years old man ( 21 at Heart ) who still believe in True Love and Happy Ever After.
No matter how many times I ‘ve had my Heart Broken.
I am sure you are no different.

See, I have full custody of my 5-year-old Autistic son, who is now just starting to talk.
I had to become his BAD ASS DADMOM for his mother left use 8 months ago, never to be seen off again.

I raised two beautiful daughters. My oldest is 40 and 16-year old grandson. They both live in Key West, Fl. where I was born and raised. And my youngest will be 20 in a few weeks and she lives close by.
They have elected me “World’s Greatest Dad” by a landslide mandate in a constituency of two voters. They both love their Daddy and just want him to be Happy and find someone that would love him.

I am a man at the Height of his Powers, wisdom of Solomon and the patient of JOB ( that’s what my father would tell me when he was alive)
So if you win my Heart, I will Protect, Defend and Love you with all my Heart and be your Knight in shining armor. And so much more…
You will become part of an instant loving family…

Thus, I learned that a Gentleman knows that they’re two types of females.
A Lady ( who’s not afraid to embrace and express her femininity ) welcomes, desires and knows how to treat a Gentleman ( who can spot a Lady from a mile away and knows how to treat her.)

And then there's a woman ( who will not let a Gentleman be a Gentleman ) who wants to wear the pants...
Whereas I’ve OBSERVED MEN do not know a Lady even if she fell into his lap.

Everyone seems to believe their Romantic, just like everyone thinks they have a sense of humor. I believe Romance is different than what most people think. It’s found in those unplanned Amazon moments that two people share that no one else. Never to be Recreated but remembered forever. And it always most never cost anything. And I also believe anyone who gets this will become a Hopeless Romantic. Because experiencing it, is the Best Feeling on Earth.

Life is what we make it…“ I welcome new opportunities. I am ready for a change.

You are a Young Beauty at the Threshold of your Possibilities. What turns me on are people who Dream Big and have High Creative Talent, who want to Eat Up this world and experience it all Boldly, Fearlessly- but also Tenderly and whose Hearts are Deep and Loving…

I see you as a Lady with the heart of a Little Girl and a Little Girl becoming a Lady.

I believe a Lady should be feminine. You do not have to like sports, drink Guinness or bait your own hook. You can go shoe shopping, hit the tanning salon and watch "Sex And The City" all you want.

When you get home, you will be Kissed correctly and Kissed often. If you smell great and got your nails done, that's even better.
And don't even think about doing all the cooking around here. I've got that covered. If you want to help...maybe.
One of the things I do around here is I cook for the lady I like, and I can promise you a great dinner.
And you know what? I've only set the house on fire twice so far.

I plan great dates and even better surprises. I am forever on the trail of the next adventure, be it in another country or in the next zip code. You will always be curious as to what is going to happen next, in the best way possible.

If I am attracted to you, it will make itself clear soon enough. When I compliment you in any way you will know I mean it. I recognize the difference between being chivalrous and being a doormat, which I am sure you will appreciate after what you’ve seen out there.

Remember...If you start a pillow fight with me when you wake up on Sunday morning, you are going to get the trouble you are looking for.

Now listen, just because you haven't heard from me yet doesn't mean you wouldn't blow me away. Computers aren't perfect, so what if an amazing lady like you hasn't been showing up in my search results? Here's what I'd say. Don't chance it. Don't be shy. Drop me a note and simply say hello.

Don't worry, I know how to lead like a Gentleman so I'll take it from there and "sweep you off your feet."
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