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30 Years
United States
Long Beach
Making friends
I am: A Transsexual woman
Age: 30
Country: United States
City: Long Beach
Type of transgender: I'll tell you later
Sexual role: I'll tell you later
Height: 162 cm / 5´3"
Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)
Body type: Average
Education: Some College
Employment Status: Full-time
Occupation: Other
Religion: Other
Have Kids: No
Status: Single
Drinking: Socially
Smoking: Daily
Willing to relocate: Yes
Style: Casual
Ethnicity: Asian
Eyes: Brown
Languages: English

About myself

Hey people, my name is Davina, I am a very chill and laid back person, but am I pretty much up for almost anything. I'm chill for the most part because I smoke a lot and or, I am on my laptop trying to really produce really good music. (Making a good and completed track is extremely hard to do lol. I mean, I thought it was really easy once I got the hang of using FL-Studio...I thought I could just make really fantastic music on the fly where everything falls into place really well, but it turned out that, so far, and unfortunately, all of my unreleased tracks either sounding half-assed, too short, too weird, complicated, or maybe things didn't sit too well in them lol. Well, eh, I am actually really happy that I am getting a lot better at making music, it's just that I need to actually finish it and perfect it. Yes, I am a prefectionist to SOME degree lol okay. The sad thing about me is that I have a really bad mental illness that gets involved in my music producer to where OCD kicks in and it can mess up everything leaving my other unfinished tracks......unfinished!! Anyways, enough of that lmao, I have a lot to work on with music production, I just have to actually get into the mode to do it)

I am a very outgoing and kind hearted person and really shy. If and when you meet me in person, that's one thing you'll probably notice. I have major anxiety issues I need to take care somehow, somewhere. Another thing you'll notice is how feminine my voice sounds like, rather than a guy's, it took a lot of work and I still need to keep working at it. At times, I love to get away and go out a bit and venture different venues of places. I usually love going to the beach and chillax there and feel the breeze, watch the scenery or go for a walk and whatnot. On a first time meet, if you're a really cool person, I might ask if we could go to the movies or something like that lol, and then go bowling after maybe lol. Maybe I'll introduce you to some of my friend(s) if anything.

Anyways, yeah, I hope your day is going well, hopefully we can meet up and be friends or whatnot. Thank you for taking a small portion of your time to read this. I usually make my profile very lengthy as hell but I decided wth, I'll just leave it concise. I may update my profile info some time soon maybe = ) ^_^
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