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35 Years
Baybay City
I am: A Transsexual woman
Age: 35
Country: Philippines
City: Baybay City
Type of transgender: Pre-op
Sexual role: Top
Height: 168 cm / 5´6"
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Body type: Slim
Education: College Grad
Employment Status: Unemployed
Occupation: Other
Religion: Atheist
Have Kids: No
Status: Single
Drinking: Never
Smoking: No
Willing to relocate: Yes
Style: Casual
Ethnicity: Asian
Eyes: Black
Languages: English, Tagalog

About myself

Taiwan March 10 - 15

I don't cam on skype. It is like you're owning me, making my butt glued on the seat in front of the computer, when I can do so much at the same time. I like to multitask. IF YOU WANNA MAKE SURE IT'S ME, I CAN TAKE A PICTURE FOR YOU, WITH YOUR NAME ON IT IF YOU'RE THAT FRIGGIN DOUBTFUL.

Would you not use "I'm coming to your city," "I'll be there next month, I stay in Shangrila" to get my attention trying to get me interested? It's so pathetic!

Don't ask me "Have you been here?", "Do you have plans of travelling here?" You can't travel? Fu#*ing get a job! Don't be a cheapskate and a freeloader! And stop asking those questions like travelling to USA is as easy as buying an ice cream!!!

Know the rule of thumb in social dating sites or chats: "no reply means not interested". Time I'd spend saying no to you if I don't like you means wasted few steps going to the kitchen to make my coffee. If you have bombarded me with compliments, I ain't that too rude to not say "thanks".

I finished BS in Accountancy. It's one of those college courses that doesn't just require high IQ or intelligence alone but also hard work and patience, which unfortunately what I lack of. Teachers would say I was just getting through the motion. They were right. I hate the course but it's the most practical one.

I always wanted to get a 9 to 5 office job; paperworks, own desk, short skirts, high-heeled shoes, cute and sexy maintenance/utility guys (ok that's really way too much - they're almost always stout and old here in PHL), but my two-month on-the-job training performance in a bank made me realize I'm not cut out for it.

So here I am. I watch TV, or fave series while working at home as a virtual assistant. I'm a real homebody. Not a party animal, way past that. Plus I don't smoke or drink. When life gets too boring, I invite friends over; movie, TV, or videoke.

You should message me if you think your looks matches mine. the guys blabbering about how long and angry my profile sounds, and to the guys who actually appreciate it - it tells something about who you are and what you want from a girl.

If you think my profile is full of hatred, you're the type of guy who would want an errand girl for a wife. You're afraid of a woman who knows what she wants. You will be the husband who would sit on the couch watching baseball while waiting for your sweaty wife in the kitchen to finish preparing dinner.

If you're that other guy, it means you value equality in a relationship. You find it healthy if your partner is competitive. Well, you still could be that husband who would sit on the couch watching baseball while waiting for your sweaty wife in the kitchen to finish preparing dinner but sees to it you'll wash and clean afterwards.

Take the initiative to send a photo of yourself if you don't have a profile picture. Don't make me ask.
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