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27 Year
I am: A Transsexual woman
Age: 27
Country: Hungary
City: Budapest
Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
Body type: Average
Type of transgender: Pre-op
Sexual role: Bottom
Height: 178 cm / 5´10"
Education: College Grad
Employment Status: Full-time
Occupation: Computer related
Religion: Christian
Have Kids: No
Status: Single
Drinking: Never
Smoking: No
Willing to relocate: Yes
Style: Casual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eyes: Blue
Languages: English

About myself

Hi there!

I'm ANGELINA CRISTINA (Cristina is more acceptable in Hungary), 26 years old, and what a surprise, MtF transgender. (I hate titles, I am a LOVING, CHEERFUL person, with stuff to fix yet - Sounds better, eh? Happy )

My transition has just started. I still live as a boy, because I am still in my coming-out phase, but I am the luckiest on the planet. I have a ton of friends, and so they and my family ALL accepted and supporting the idea becoming finally myself.

I am RELIGIOUS. I would not be this strong, if I would not have faith for sure. My personality would not be this EXTROVERT, and STRONG without that. It also includes, that I am NOT HERE FOR HAVING SEX, sorry. I escape from weirdos, who loves the idea having sex with woman-looking person having penis. I'll be free from that, so probably you won't be able to even see it Smile

I am looking for someone mature, intelligent, who is strong in spirit and decisions. Actually, I am looking for my support, who would HOLD MY HANDS during this hard period, and then when I am ready, I could be your one and only, and you are mine. Okay, I know. Cheesy... Smile But hopes and wishes are true. Who knows?

I believe we can not get to know each other just reading bios like this. If you like what you have read, just talk with me, we will see Wink

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
For closing (if you have this much time) my story in short:
I've known being a GIRL since I was 3, but you know growing up with body parts you can not feel comfortable with, well not a best. I tried, really, for 24 years to live the "traditional boy" kinda life. I thought that to be in my body is a trap though, I can try with girls, lieing to them, or be homosexual. But I am not. I can not accept if the boy who loves me, loves me for the body I hate so much. The heterosexual partner concept was a fairy tale for me asking: "Who would even recognize me as the person who I am, if I look like a boy?" Well it happened. I got almost engaged after 2 years in a long-distance realtionship, but we were not ready for that. So yes, heterosexual guys can fell in love with my BUBBLY CHEEKY, but still INTELLIGENT, CARING and WILLING TO IMPROVE in many sense personality. Yay! Smile

I am about FINISHING LAW SCHOOL, so I can get my doctorate. I will not work as a lawyer though. That was a mistake, but I studied to much just to leave behind a dr. title Smile I love COOKING, singing, hanging out with friends, and I work as a ServiceDesk Agent supporting ITALIAN, Hungarian and English languages.

Let us continue somewhere else Wink

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