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65 Years
United States
I am: A Man
Age: 65
Country: United States
Sexual role: Versatile
Height: 168 cm / 5´6"
Weight: 88 kg (194 lbs)
Body type: Extra pounds
Education: College Grad
Religion: Christian
Have Kids: Yes - but not at home
Status: Single
Drinking: Socially
Smoking: No
Willing to relocate: Yes
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eyes: Hazel
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish

About myself

I have ALWAYS considered Transgender Women to be the fairer sex. They know and understand a heterosexual male BETTER than a genetic woman. In my opinion, a transwoman completely satisfies me in every way. I seem to be drawn to them, by my personality and they seem to connect with me. I believe it's the way our brains are made up. I have always dated transwomen since my early twenties. Truthfully, I was married to a genetic woman for ten years. She was mentally abusive, controlling, and became physically abusive. I thank God that the marriage ended in divorce, in 1994. Immediately after the divorce, I learned my lesson and decided to begin dating transwomen, once again. I have ALWAYS had a very loving, mutually pleasing, and solid relationship with transgender women. So for me, it's just my preference. Nothing can change my mind about what I like and who I like. Specifically, I'm looking for someone like you. I'm single, tired of eating alone and not having that special person in my life to share good times with, respectful, and definitely NOT looking for a one night stand. I am a very caring, loving & compassionate man. Also, I want someone that full time and KNOWS who they are. I'm not into a man that likes to dress as a woman. I'm looking for a TRUE, transgender woman. Establishing Trust, Honesty, Accountability, Communication, being a Reliable partner (there for you), a Constant Support System to Encourage and Love you with "Unconditional Love." A man that will be there for you and won't run because he KNOWS what a "Special Woman" is, how precious she is and his Level of Commitment, far exceeds that of most narcissistic men. I am a man of Integrity & Excellence. YOU would be "the most important" person/lover/woman on this Earth! Nothing could never separate us or the bond we have between us! Our Love for one another is never failing and Eternal!

I am tall, strong, masculine, intelligent, funny, charming, passionate, and very open-minded. I'm looking for someone that wants commitment, accountability, honesty, and love. I can be romantic and very attentive. I would Never treat you like anything less than the woman you are. I will never pressure you into anything at all. There is no joy that comes out of being pressured. I'm very easy-going, very low-key and very communicative. I would tend to think that I'm probably the most easy-going guy that you would ever meet .

I was in a serious, long term relationship with a trans-woman. We were together for 8 years. We knew one another as friends in our teenage years. She was a national figure skating champion for Norway. I was a former amateur figure skater, here in the U.S. I met her in New York, where we became close friends and she moved here. So, you can say that I have experienced a lot of feelings that a transwoman has gone through; feelings of rejection, depression, anxiety and hormonal swings in personality. It was ALL WORTH IT! We became close lovers and were engaged to be married, BUT, she was suddenly killed in a head on collision , here in Atlanta, going up the hill on Northside Pkwy., at Powers Ferry Landing. I went into depression for 3 years and I have just gotten around to searching for another trans-woman. I've NEVER been attracted to men so I consider myself to be completely heterosexual. I've dated genetic women before but prefer a trans-woman. In my opinion, a transwoman offers me complete satisfaction, attraction and compatibility.

I'm 5'9" tall (if that's a deal breaker, sorry), 195 lbs.( I've lost 130 lbs. since Nov. '14), brown hair/brn eyes, 100% Italian, 38" waist, 42" chest. I'm 64 years old. (some people say I don't look my age & I'm considered to be HANDSOME. I feel 35.) Anyway, isn't age just a number? I'm also a non-smoker. I'm 100% Italian, (first generation American) and I want a trans-woman to love. I'm a HOPELESS ROMANTIC, a great lover, a gentleman and a gentle man; a man of Integrity & Excellence, that would appreciate a special woman, as yourself. Also, personality wise, I'm humorous, witty, adventurous, sarcastic, open- minded and we probably share some common interests. I am looking for a transgender woman, that wants to have fun, spending time together. I'm truthful, honest, caring, responsible, someone to share the FUN things in life with.

I'm looking for a relationship that's uncomplicated, fun, genuine and lasting. I'm only attracted to transgender women. So, I know that Commitment, Security and Trust are very big on your list! Let's begin a Beautiful Journey in Life, TOGETHER.
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